Our next Celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Baptism – please call the office at 905 987 4515 to confirm date.

Infant Baptism: We believe this sacrament is best understood as a child’s first step in a lifelong journey of faith, rather than a one-time rite or ritual.

Parents and the whole congregation make an ongoing commitment to raising children in a loving and faithful way. If you are wishing to have a child baptized but are not currently attending Newcastle United, we encourage contacting Rev. Mary-Jane Hobden early and attending a number of Sundays ahead to see if this church is a good ‘fit’ for you as a family.

Although The United Church of Canada guidelines are that at least one parent is expected to be a member of the United Church of Canada, please call Rev. Mary-Jane and speak with her about your baptism request.

Adult Membership: If you are a member in good standing of any Christian church, by baptism and confirmation of faith, and have moved to the Newcastle area and find you wish to become a member of Newcastle United, a transfer of membership is easily arranged.

Folks who have never formally joined a church, or who have been away from the formal practice of their faith for some time, may genuinely enjoy taking part in periodic Adult Membership groups with other adults at Newcastle United

Adult Baptism: Individuals who were never baptized may have an adult baptism at a Sunday service following participation in an Adult Membership group.