Bible Study


Bible Study is led by Rev. Mary-Jane. Each Wednesday morning we gather in the hall meeting room at 9:30AM. We follow the lectionary and use “Prepare!”  a weekly worship planbook which carries all the lectionary scriptures on one page.

We centre ourselves with opening prayer and Rev. Mary-Jane warms us up with a question based on our personal life experiences as it will relate to the scriptures we are studying. As a gentleman and to get us going, he usually volunteers his answer first! This is a rich study time as we are provided with historical background information to the scriptures – geographical locations, customs of the times, etc. The beauty of this style of Bible Study is it brings to life the stories and lessons of the Old and New Testaments as it relates to our daily lives.

We end with an open prayer where we can offer up the names of those in need of our prayers and The Lord’s Prayer.

You are welcome to join us anytime!